Top 15 Reasons To Start Gardening       1- It’s a lot of  FUN !! You will grow to love gardening as you get your hands full of dirt and see your plants growing and producing fresh organic food . 

 2- -Food that is picked early ,stored ,trucked thousands of miles to be stored again and than sits in the supermarket for days before you buy it can’t be as nutritious as food you pick from your own yard and eat that same day.

 3- It is way fresher !! Just read number two again and there is no debate that the food you grow is much fresher and therefore healthier and more nutritious. 

4- It tastes better. If it is fresh then it is going to taste better .Just buy a mango at a grocery store and get one from your tree and you won’t believe the difference. You can actually smell the mango on the tree. You see the ones they sell you are picked early before it has matured properly or fully on the tree. It won’t be anywhere as sweet if you pick it early.

 5- Have you been to the supermarket lately, you might be in for a shock when you look at the prices. Growing your own fruits and vegetables can save you lots of money. Who doesn’t like that?

 6- Vitamin D. You get sun gardening and that is free vitamin D which is great for you. Great for your bones and for your mood ,not to mention it helps you sleep better. 

7- Mental Health. Gardening is a great way to relax and connect with nature . Studies have shown that gardening relieves stress, depression and anxiety.

 8- Gardening is great for the environment. The big farming industry uses great amounts of fossil fuels ,synthetic fertilizers and pesticides which are harmful to our planet. They promote global warming and pollute our rivers and oceans . Food has to be transported for thousands of miles which also impacts the environment in a negative way.  If you grow your own food you help our environment in a big way!! 

9- Self Sufficiency. Growing your own food will provide you with food security. It’s a crazy world and if you can provide at least some of your own food then that is a big advantage. If everybody does this we help the environment and create food security for yourself , your family and your community. You will also help to protect our farmlands.

 10- Avoid using chemicals and pesticides. You can grow food organically which is much healthier for you and our environment.

 11- Community. You can interact with your neighbors as you garden. Many will come by to ask you about what you are doing and they might even start their own garden. Either way it’s a great conversation starter. You could also join community gardens and develop lifelong friendships as well. 

12- You attract wildlife.You will bring in many friendly insects to your garden .Beneficial insects are great for pollinating and protecting your vegetables from pests. You’ll see solitary bees and butterflies etc all over your garden.

 13- You will improve your soil . Adding compost ,mulch etc will create a great environment for healthy microorganisms to live and thrive in your garden.They will create wonderful living soil which grows great food and serves to ward off pests and diseases. 

14- You can compost your leaves and grass clippings as well as your food scraps. You get to recycle and put to good use all these resources that are usually thrown away and go to a landfield. 

15- Exercise.Gardening is a great way to stay active and get some healthy exercise.Your heart will thank you!!  

 Bonus reason-----This is a personal reason but I connect with Gods creation when I garden .You can see things living and growing in such wonderful harmony .A complex ecosystem of colors ,smells and life. 

 I hope you enjoyed the list and maybe I got you curious enough to give gardening a try. It could be the beginning of a beautiful journey!!     

 Delfin F. Let’s Grow Our Own Food